We invite you to experience true physical and mental bliss through the more than 5000 years old practice of traditional yoga and Ayurveda both of which have shared tools to promote your physical and mental health, prevent diseases and heal the illnesses by restoring the balance between your body and the nature outside.

The combination of these two sciences can lead to a tremendous transformation of one’s life. We offer traditional Rajadhiraja school of yoga which is redefined to respond to the challenges of modern times which threaten our inner and outer peace. Our asana practice stretches the body-centered interpretation of yoga to its farthest limits, where yoga becomes an instrument of healthy lifestyle, social change and universal humanism.

We also offer Ayurvedic consultation by a qualified Ayurveda doctor who will assess your unique constitution and advice you on your individualized diet, lifestyle, personalized asana practices, Ayurveda detoxification (panchakarmas) and customized body therapies and herbal formulations to address the physical conditions to bring happiness, peace and wellness into your life.


I’m a qualified Ayurveda doctor and Rajadhiraja yoga teacher, trained in India, now based in the UK. I’ve been practicing Ayurveda and yoga for over 15 years in India and in UK and I am very passionate about spreading the knowledge and benefits of Ayurveda and yoga on the health and well-being.


My yoga journey started during my high school days as a part of my physical education curriculum. Yoga helped me to improve my strength, stamina and focus needed for my state and national level track and field events. But my focus was mainly on the physical aspects of yoga/asanas.

My yoga journey continued through my university education of Ayurveda medicine for 6 years as yoga was integral part of Ayurveda. This allowed me to learn various aspects of yoga including the theory of yoga. Many aspects of the yoga were unfolded to me loke breathing exercises, pranayama and meditation.

I started incorporating yoga in my Ayurveda practice after my graduation and continued my personal practice. I successfully ran an Ayurveda and yoga centre in India under the guidelines of various yogis. This helped me improve my practice but my ambition of taking up teaching yoga as a full time was not possible due to my busy schedule.

I continued my yoga practice in the United Kingdom under many different teachers but the highlight of my yoga journey is my continuous yoga practice under the guidance of my beloved and inspirational yoga teacher Granville Cousins in Manchester who rekindled my ambition to teach and then I have completed 200 hours yoga training at himalayan yoga institute in london under the guidance of Ganga Devi. I also completed my 300 hrs yoga diploma under the guidance of Ganga Devi which strengthened my foundation and promoted the deep understanding of yoga .

Yoga helped me to overcome and manage my own sports injuries, spine and knee problems. Learning to practice yoga with injury, with the necessary modifications has helped me understand the need to keep in mind the individual needs rather than generalised practice. Yoga has helped me realise the power of breath and mind and balance my mind to cope with the daily stresses of life.

I continue to teach and practice yoga regularly and learn new things everyday in Manchester.


Ayurveda can help you in allergies, anxiety, backpain, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, insomnia, obesity stress related disfunctions, menstrual and menopausal problems, migraine, sciatica, certain skin conditions, joint pains, stiffness and arthritis etc.

We offer personally tailored yoga, breathing exercises and meditation advice for all age groups and also for different health conditions. Ayurveda and yoga together are a method of harmonizing the body to realize the power of their inner self and exemplify their control over their mind and senses in Manchester.


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