Ayurveda considers health as harmony between body, mind and spirit with the universe we live in. Ayurveda is based on the theory of 5 basic elements found in the universe; space, air, fire, water and earth.

The five basic elements combine in the living beings to form 3 dosas /energies/humours which are responsible for our health and ill health. The three doshas are Vata (space and air), Pitta (fire and water) and Kapha (earth and water).

Ayurveda believes that everyone inherits the unique combination of doshas. They are all in different proportions and strongest doshas decide our unique constitution (unique physical and mental traits). These doshas control the different functions in our body. The balance of the these doshas lead to health and imbalance leads to ill health.


Vata (air-force) is the most powerful of three doshas, and it is the control force of the body. It is an active dosha which initiates and carries out all the actions in our body. The other two doshas, dhatu’s (tissues) and mala’s (excreta) are considered as Pangu (lame) and are said to be motivated and monitored by Vata.

Vata in our body represents ‘air ‘in the outside world giving life to us just like the air does. Vata initiates and carries out all activities including controlling our mind, breathing, blood flow, cell division, swallowing of food, transporting the nutrition and oxygen to each cell, assisting the digestion, evacuating the wastes from our body, all our physical activities from blinking our eyes to walking, running, sleeping and so on.

Vata can be imbalanced by over exercises, late sleeping, fear, grief, eating before the previous meal is digested, controlling the natural urges, eating too dry and cold foods etc. Vata imbalance can lead to dryness, degenerative disease, aches and pains, loss of strength and immunity, weight loss, anxiety, nervous system diseases, constipation, irregular appetite, dry skin etc


Pitta dosha (fire-force), is the dosha which digests things. It digests the food physically and digests our life experiences mentally. Pitta regulates all metabolic functions, perception of sensory functions, body temperature and hormonal secretions. It is also responsible for hunger, thirst, colour, complexion and intelligence.

Pitta can be disturbed by excessive intake of hot, salty, fried and spicy food, exposure to too much heat, stress and emotional disturbances and excessive exposure to heat etc

Pitta imbalance can lead to increased appetite, gastric disturbances, sensitivity to hot sand spicy foods, bitter taste in the mouth, anger, irritability, impatience, skin diseases, insomnia, burning in your eyes, dizziness etc


Kapha dosha (water-force), is made up of earth and water and is responsible for solidity and is a structure forming principle for the living beings. It gives strength and stability all the tissues and organs. It nourishes our body and stores our energy. Kapha is also associated with stamina, love, dedication, forgiveness and mental stability. It is responsible respiratory health, normal brain functions and joint functions.

Kapha can be disturbed by excessive intake of sweet, sour and salt, fatty and heavy food and drinks, day sleeping, over eating, eating before the previous meal is digested, mixing the wholesome and unwholesome foods, day sleeping, lack of exercises etc

Kapha imbalance can lead to weak digestive power, indigestion, heaviness, weight gain, laziness, sluggish movement, coldness, excessive sleep, cold, cough, itching, depression, obesity, high cholesterol etc