Deep relaxation

In the busy life of ours we fail to relax our body mind due to work- load, lots of different distractions, excessive use of gadgets etc. They stimulate our brains more than needed and eventually destroying the innate state of relaxation and leading to mental and physical exhaustion.

Deep relaxation gives the body and mind an opportunity to break that cycle of constant stimulation and reduces of stress and gives body and mind an opportunity to bring them back to their home/normalcy by inducing profound level of relaxation.

Deep relaxation is a part of Rajadhiraja yoga practiced for thousands of years. It is especially important for the people who do lot of mental work. It gives body a chance to assimilate the positive energy gained from the asana practice.

Few benefits of deep relaxations

* Induces the “relaxation response” similar to hibernation
* Withdraws of sense organs from all their objects
* Withdrawing your mind from all the worldly distractions and stresses.
* Relaxes the muscles and nerves
* Decongests your body and mind and brings back the balance.
* Improves your blood circulation and reduces your blood pressure
* Nourishes your limbs and organs
* Strengthens your heart.
* Moves your mind and body harmoniously.
* Relieves stress and anxiety
* Reduces the need for sleep.