We bring the stress-bursting benefits of yoga to your workplace.

Our Corporate classes are designed to encourage the staff to take up yoga for fitness, relaxation and well-being.

Our classes are suitable for beginners to experts. We also tailor the class based on the individual needs and abilities. Our classes can be designed based on what you want to achieve for your staff. It can be designed focusing on calm, slow movement and meditation to help your employees relax. Or build a strong physical workout session to give the feeling of fitness class. Or with specific goal-oriented class like improving your posture, flexibility or preventing back pain.

It is highly rewarding to see our corporate students’ progress over the weeks and months, and we build a relationship with them. If you are looking for ways to rewarding your staff, our classes serve the best as they help them to get together, have fun, workout, relax and meditate. They refresh their body and mind, energise them to the challenges of the rest of the day. Our classes can be arranged for lunchtime, evening or morning. It could be at-work yoga classes or away from office -yoga days.

We also provide virtual classes during the challenging Covid-19 lockdown period. Please contact us for a free trial session or yoga workshop at your office or online-class to get the taste of what we do.