The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit root word “Yuinj” which means union and suffix “ghain”,the unification of the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness.

The yoga postures are called asanas which are positions comfortably held and it brings composure in the person. Asana is one of the 8 limbs of yoga which were designed by yogis thousands of years ago to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Physical exercise is key to achieving a long and healthy life. Most physical exercises develop the muscles or aid in the circulation of the blood. Although some postures are complex and require exceptional agility, many of them are simple and can be practiced by anyone. Yoga asanas(postures) are “inner-sizes”, in addition to working on the muscles and circulation, they also have a profound effect on endocrine glands and nerves.

Finally, there is another aspect of yoga asana which make them different from other forms of exercise. The energy centres or chakras located along the spine which are psychospiritual realities and are associated with physical glands and nerves. Each of these centres regulates different mental propensities. Yoga postures help us by working directly on these centres to help us to regulate different mental propensities and help in relieving in physical and psychic imbalances.

Yoga asanas can be very helpful to many people, they are easily learned and can be practiced conveniently at home. When yoga asanas are practiced with the proper coordination of breath, pranayama and meditation they will bring physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Traditional Rajadhiraja yoga is the more extensive and comprehensive form of Astanga yoga. It was first compiled 2000 years ago by a great yogi called Astavakra and present day practice uses Patanjali’s eight limbed structure as its basis but incorporating some of the techniques of the 7000 years old original system given by Tantra yogi Shiva and also the recent additions of yoga posture to bring the whole practice to relevancy for modern day life and human psychology.

Rajadhiraja form is most complete form of yoga: it is a classical yoga encompassing variety of practices. It is a complete system of self-transformation and includes a wide variety of practices designed to develop the body, mind and soul. Besides a system of yoga postures, pranayama, mudras and bandhas, it includes deep relaxation, self-massage and specific meditation lessons.

The speciality of Rajadhiraja asana practice is that there is great emphasis on proper breathing and certain aspects of breath control are also incorporated in the asana practice. This helps in awakening and movement of pranic energy in our body throughout asana practice. When this is accomplished asana practice results in general well-being which can be felt in the physical, mental and emotional level. Hence we emphasise on proper breathing, proper positioning and a quite but a persistent flow of movement.

It encourages self-discipline and self-motivation and helps in establishing a deeper connection with yourself.

Benefits of asanas practiced in Rajadhiraja yoga :

* Increases strength and flexibility of the body.

* Pleasure rationally encounter.

* Balances the hormone secretions from endocrine glands.

* Improves respiration and circulation.

* Relaxes the muscles and nerves.

* Helps in the management of some health conditions.

* Improves health and vitality.

* Massages the internal organs.

* Deep relaxation helps to assimilate the increased energy gained from the practice of asanas (postures) and also helps in reducing blood pressure, strengthening your heart and relieving stress.


Rajadhiraja class

This class is a complete form of yoga with relaxation, sun salutation, warmups, Rajadhiraja asanas, additional asanas and breathing practices. We practice many asanas with breath holding to clear the subtle nerve channels and help in the flow of Pranic energy in our body.

There are three different levels in this class.

Beginners class

It is suitable for anybody who wants to start their yoga journey, it involves less challenging but complete set of asanas for whole of the body including the spine. It also involves deep relaxation and breathing exercises and aims to take you to the next level after few weeks of the regular practice. We use 8 different templates of beginner’s class gradually adding some challenging poses to help the students rise to their next level.

Intermediate class

This class is designed for the people who have had some past experience of yoga practice. This involves the slightly more challenging asanas and un-interrupted practice of five rounds of three different variations of surya namaskar(sun salutation) along with all the Rajadhiraja basic class practices.

Advanced class

This class is designed for the people who have been practicing regularly for a few years and it involves some very challenging poses and needs the ability to move the body with control.

Dynamic Vinyasa class

This class is designed to build strength and stamina as the foremost intension by continuous flow in the movement without any interruption. It also involves deep relaxation and meditation.


Yoga essentials: Non-slip yoga mat, light, breathable but not too baggy yoga clothing, water bottle.

Optional yoga accessories: Yoga towel, yoga block/cushion, and a yoga strap.

Yoga Tips:

* Practice yoga on an empty stomach; at least 2 hrs after eating, you could have some light snacks or juice if you are very hungry.

* Avoid eating or drinking until 20 mins after yoga.

* Practice with a clean, radiant body (preferably after shower/ bath or half bath).

* Breathe through the nose.

* Never practice with left nostril blocked.

* Practice on a mat.

* Practice in fresh air away from the draft.

* Avoid practice during the first three days of menstruation.

* Practice pregnancy yoga during pregnancy.

* Practice in a calm and silent room.

* Consult you doctor if you have any injuries or health issues before starting yoga practice.

* Always mention your health issues or injuries if you have any to your yoga teacher.


During the Covid-19 interruption all our classes are held online.