Pranayama or control of breath helps in slowing down our breath, lengthen the pause periods of Pranendriya, and thus calm, control and relax our mind. In this way disturbing and negative emotions can be eliminated from the mind altogether.

It is a practice of controlling the movement of the vital energy and regular practice leads to regulation of nasal cycles, improves respiration and circulation, generates and store vital energy in the body and improves the concentration of mind. Some pranayama practices are prescribed for specific diseases.

In the strained circumstances of modern life, automatic breathing is not sufficient for our needs as most of us unlearn the natural way of deep abdominal breathing and resort to very shallow clavicular or intercostal breathing.

Sedentary and monotonous work habits call for new and consciously controlled breathing rhythms to optimise our health and vitality. Pranayama makes your body strong and healthy, improves lustre in face and makes your mind calm and controlled.

We teach different types of pranayama which have their distinctive health benefits.