We also hold sessions for seniors irrespective of their age, abilities and limitations. We guide them through the practice and help them get into the pose coordinating with their breath. We take their fear away and encourage them relax and to move very slowly without pushing them into the postures.

We help them to ease to their pose according to their abilities, eliminating the feelings of insecurity, self-consciousness or competitiveness. Yoga is not just about how far can you stretch or twist especially in the beginning but more of listening to your body and moving with your breath.

We emphasize on the mental aspect of yoga and importance of concentrating on the movements, paying attention to breath and physical postures, of relaxation and moving slowly, of really listening to the body and being aware of its potential and its limitations.

We create lots of vibrations and positive energy for our students to take home for the rest of the week. It also helps them to become more flexible, slow down their ageing process. We offer meditation and breathing exercises as a part of the yoga class and yoga helps them physically and spiritually.

We offer online classes for seniors in discounted prices.